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How Metal Fillings Are Placing Your Mouth In Jeopardy

One of the hardest things to break away from in life and in health are practices that were made before you were born. We are always at the mercy of our history and how it has set up the life that we live today. The history of our world is a moving cycle that goes through adaptation in order to establish new ways of thinking. There is always a limitation to our personal knowledge based on the information that is given to us. Over time we continue to find that practices from the past are dangerous, and not meant for the present.

Where Metal Fillings Came From 

For Dentistry, one of these destructive things is metal fillings. The first known metal fillings were created all the way back in 659 AD under the Tang Dynasty. They came to the United States in the early 1800s when Edward Crawcour and his Nephew Moses brought amalgam from New York. At the time, it was a revolutionary thing that could help preserve teeth and one’s overall mouth presentation. 

The Main Problem of Metal Fillings 

Metal fillings were once wanted and desired, but now we know that they are detrimental to our gums and teeth in total. Metal fillings are oftentimes referred to as silver fillings, but there isn’t that much silver in them at all. These fillings are usually blends of 55% mercury mixed with other metals. These metals deteriorate over time, while they’re in our mouths! This leads to poisonous vapors being released in our mouths as we chew and use our teeth on a daily basis. Even small amounts of these vapors can cause irreversible damage to our bodies and teeth. 

Our Solution for Metal Fillings.

However, there is thankfully a way to fix things. Dr. Barreto offers seamless mercury removal, substituting old and out-dated metal fillings for natural and holistic based practices. Dr. Barreto’s work is focused on natural restorative and preventative treatments. Time has allowed us to recognize a problem and create an alternative solution. Dr. Barreto learned from innovative dentists and now he is a forward thinking dentist himself. 

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