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What is Holistic Dentistry?

A lot of people come to us asking “what is holistic dentistry?”, so we thought we’d break down the basics in this handy post.

What is holistic dentistry?

First, an answer: Holistic dentistry is an approach to oral care that aims to promote oral health without the introduction of unnecessary and potentially harmful substances and surgical techniques. Also known as organic dentistry or biological dentistry, this natural practice treats the whole person, preventing, diagnosing, and resolving illnesses of the oral cavity while breaking away from the traditional approach. This means less invasive care with more positive results, and a method of treatment that benefits the entire individual—and not just their teeth and gums

As you might expect, there are a lot of misconceptions about holistic dentistry. Some people believe that opting for toxin-free, bioavailable materials instead of things like fluoride and heavy metals means sacrificing results, or that there’s no value in treating the overall wellness of a person when they’re just there for their oral health.

As the holistic dentist Miami trusts, Dr. Hank Barreto has witnessed firsthand as people learn more about holistic dentistry and change their misconceptions about it. So to clear up any additional confusion, we’ve including answers to a few more of the questions that we often receive.


What Do Holistic Dentists Use For Fillings?

Holistic dentists use a composite resin to fill in the holes left by cavities and provide a safe barrier against bacteria. And in fact, composite resin is even becoming more widely used in traditional dentistry as well, since it doesn’t pose the risks that are inherent in amalgam fillings, which contain mercury that can—and often does—seep into your bloodstream. If you already have harmful metal-based fillings in your mouth, a first step will be to safely remove them and replace them with a composite resin instead.

How Do Holistic Dentists Treat Root Canals?

Forget the standard nightmare worthy (and ineffective) root canal treatment—holistic dentists use non-invasive techniques like ozone therapy and cytokine therapy to eliminate the bacteria and microbes filling the tooth canal.

Traditional root canal procedures cut off oxygen to a tooth and increase the risk of future complications. The holistic approach, on the other hand, allows air to circulate within the canal, cleaning out the bad stuff without inhibiting future functioning of the tooth.

Make the Switch to Holistic Dentistry

Foregoing traditional dentistry in favor of natural, biologically-appropriate techniques is better for your oral health—and the health of your entire body. The mouth and the rest of the body are connected in a myriad of ways, and just like organic food is preferable for your heart, bones, and other key systems, organic dentistry offers improved health benefits that can make all of the difference in your day to day life.

Get in touch today to make an appointment with Dr. Barreto, and don’t forget to keep checking back with our holistic dentist blog to learn more about holistic techniques and all of the thing that set holistic dentistry apart.

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