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Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums in Your Teens and Twenties

Tips for healthy teeth and gums

We always tell our patients that it’s important to learn the best tips for healthy teeth and gums earlier in life, instead of later. That’s because the sooner you start following the best oral hygiene practices, the less chance you have of dealing with teeth and gum problems as you age.

So, what do you need to be doing? As leaders in preventive health solutions South Miami, we’ve got a few ideas to get you going.

Quick Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Brush before bed and right when you wake up. We all know that we should be brushing our teeth at least twice a day. Make it routine by committing to do it right before you go to bed at night and right when you wake up in the morning so that you don’t accidentally forget.

Make sure to floss. About one-third of Americans fail to floss. And we get it, flossing is no fun. But this small task can do big things when it comes to preventing issues both now and later, including reducing your chances for plaque build up and gum disease.

Brush your tongue. Did you know that plaque can build up on your tongue, and not just your teeth? Tackle it the right way giving your tongue a gentle brushing every time you brush your teeth.

Use mouthwash. Mouthwash is one more great tool you have at your disposal for promoting good oral health and keeping plaque (and bad breath) at bay. Get in a good swish for 30 seconds after brushings for the ultimate clean.

Drink lots of water. The more water you drink, the less chance that sticky and acid substances have to damage your teeth. Aim for at least 64oz a day—or more, if you can!

Eat crunchy fruits and veggies. Your teeth need exercise just like your body. Give ‘em a good workout with crunchy, healthy foods, which help your mouth develop some all-important strength.

Nearly 17% of those aged 5-19 have an untreated dental cavity, and many more are likely struggling with issues like bad breath and plaque buildup. Without proper care and treatment, these problems can progress and worsen, and they can also cause you to require costly dental work in adulthood. Take the time now to care for your teeth correctly, and you’ll save a lot of stress, time, and money later on.

Answers to Frequently Asked Dental Questions

We get a lot of questions from teens and young adults about oral health care. Here are some of the most common ones.

Is Coffee Bad for Your Teeth?

It depends how much you drink. Coffee is high in acid, so heavy coffee consumption will weaken the enamel on your teeth, which makes them more sensitive and more prone to disease. Limit your intake to just a couple of cups a day to stave off any negative effects.

How Do You Get Rid of Coffee Stains on Teeth?

We’re often able to get rid of coffee stains during your cleanings. In between meeting with the dentist, use a whitening toothpaste to keep stains at bay.

Are Sweets Bad for Teeth?

Sugary foods can cause tooth decay and cavities. If you have a sweet tooth, practice moderation and be sure to fit in plenty of healthy foods in between treats.

What Are Some Early Signs of Dental Trouble?

Our teeth and gums are pretty good at telling us when something is wrong. Signs of dental trouble include tooth sensitivity and pain, red and/or swollen gums, or bleeding when you brush and floss. If you notice any of these signs, make an appointment to come see us right away.

Just as important as taking great care of your teeth is getting an annual or bi-annual check-up. Make an appointment at our Coral Gables dental health center for holistic care from one of South Florida’s best organic dentists, and let’s get you on the right track to optimal oral health.

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